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In the year mil setecientos cuarenta, Commodore (later Admiral) Anson embarked on a voyage that would become one of the most famous exploits in British naval history. Sailing through poorly chartered waters, Anson and his men circumnavigated the globe, encountering disease, disaster and astonishing success, and seizing a nearly inestimable su m of Spanish gold and silver. But only one of the five ships survived the voyage.This is the background to the first novel Patrick OBrian ever wrote about the sea, a predecesor to the critically acclaimed Aubrey-Maturin series. The Golden Ocean shares the excitement and the rich humour of those books, invoking the eloquent style and attention to historical detail that OBrians admirers know so well.The protagonist of this story is Peter Palafox, son of a poor Irish Parson, who signs on as a mid-shipman, never before having seen a ship. He is a fellow who would have delighted the young Stephen Maturin or Jack Aubrey- and quarrelled violently with them as well. Together with his life-long friend Sean, Peter sets out to seek his fortune, embarking upon a journey of danger, disappointment, foreign lands, and excitement. It is a tale certain to please not only established readers of OBrians work, but any with an adventurous soul. …  


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