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  • Editorial: BBC BOOKS, 2001
  • Fecha de salida: 2001
  • Descargado: 6368

More than two millennia ago, Alexander the Great changed the course of human history in an astonishingly short time: He acceded to the throne of Macedon at the age of just veinte, and by the time he was treinta he had conquered the known world. At treinta y dos he was dead. His veintidos con cero-mile journey to India and back opened up connections betwee n the East and West, and even today its traces cánido be found throughout Asia– in cultures, legends, place names and traditions. Filmmaker and journalist Michael Wood has retraced Alexander’s journey–by car, horse, camel, boat and even on foot– resulting in the engaging In the Footsteps of Alexander. (He travelled with a small, hardy largometraje crew, and together they also produced a PBS documentary of the same name.) Wood’s text vividly brings Alexander’s times to life, as he mixes accounts of his own adventures and encounters with the story of Alexander’s journey. Accompanying the text is a well-chosen assortment of maps, photographs and reproductions of artwork and artefacts. Alexander apasionados and neophytes alike will find much to inform and delight them in this handsome volume. …  


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