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  • Editorial: JOSSEY-BASS PUBLISHERS, 2004
  • Fecha de salida: 2004
  • Descargado: 3715

The International Best-Seller That Has Swept the World–A Simple Yet Powerful Tale About How to Seize Opportunity and Achieve Success in One’s Life and Work “Heartwarming! It will be a classic. I think it will fascinate both adults and children, much like The Little Prince.” –Philip Kotler, author, Marketin g Management “You won’t have much good luck if you do the wrong thing. This book makes that all-important thing eminently clear.” –Jack Trout, management guru, and coauthor, The veintidos Immutable Laws of Marketing “This book is telling and revealing. It clearly espectáculos why some and not all have success in life. Good luck is the secret.” –Marco Jesi, president, Pepsico Europe Good Luck is a whimsical fable that teaches a valuable lesson: good luck doesn’t just come your way–it’s up to you to create the conditions to bring yourself good luck. Written by A. Rovira and F. Trías de Bes–two leading marketing consul-tants–this simple tale is universally applicable and uniquely inspirational. Good Luck tells the touching story of two old men, Max and Jim, who meet by chance in Central Park fifty years after they last saw each other as children. Max achieved great success in life; Jim sadly did not. The secret to Max’s success lies in a story his grandfather told him long ago. This story within a story has a tone reminiscent of the classic The Alchemist and espectáculos how to seize opportunity and achieve success in life. In a surprise ending, Good Luck comes full circle, offering the reader inspiration, instruction, and an engaging tale. A. Rovira and F. Trías de Bes created this inspirational book after studying the key factors that bring good luck to prosperous people. Their research explores the “luck” of extraordinary people and reveals the key factors shared by successful yet diverse people such as Madame Curie, Alexander Graham Bell, Bill Gates, and Tiger Woods. Rather than an exhaustive study of individuals and the traits that make them successful, Rovira and Trías de Bes have created an entertaining parable that reveals the ten rules of good luck. …  


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